The mission of the journal is to advance knowledge by promoting and encouraging high-quality research activities and cutting edge scientific publications in agriculture, medicine and medical sciences, sciences, technology and related fields.

To this end the journal will publish its issues regularly, promptly as at when due and ensure a reliable distribution network both nationally and internationally.

The vision of the journal is to be a globally acclaimed medium of dissemination of outstanding and reliable scientific information and innovative research findings.

Each edition is published in sections e.g. Agriculture, Medicine and Medical Sciences, Science, Technology etc. Supplementary and special edition may be published as needs may arise. The journal has a wide scope to cover every specialty in all faculties in the university, it is also given a very wide publicity.

The journal is managed by an Editor-in-chief and a group of Editors representing the aforementioned coverage of articles. The journal has :

  1. Editorial Board

(i)    Editor-in-chief – a seasoned Science and Technology academic within OAU, Ile-Ife.

(ii)    One seasoned academic from each of the science and Technology faculties represented, within the OAU. These serve as editors.

Frequency: The frequency of publication is biannual, two issues per volume. It is referred to as "Ife Academic Publication Series".